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Perfect RM tool change with the right accompaniment!

You are about to choose a new RM tool, or have already done so? Are you facing the challenge of continuing to work almost seamlessly in the new tool? But your processes are completely aligned with the old system?

We help you to master this challenge and support you with our tool, process and change expertise during all phases. We integrate all teams and people who were directly or peripherally involved in the processes, give you quick feedback and support you with our high service level.

Assessment of your current situation

We work with you to assess your current RM tools and the processes associated with them. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of the tool as well as the challenges your teams have with it. We pay particular attention to the specific requirements of your company and your projects.

Define requirements

Set clear requirements for the new tool. Consider the functions and features you need to support your RM processes effectively. Also think about possible integrations with other tools and systems you use. Take the opportunity to adapt your processes and exploit the possibilities of the new tools. In doing so, also review your methodological process and information model. We support you with our comprehensive tool know-how and think in a future-oriented and efficiency-oriented way.

Carry out RM tool analysis and make selection

If not already done, we make an informed decision with you about the new tool that best fits your needs based on your market analysis and defined requirements. We also provide support with the market analysis.

Carry out pilot phase

Before fully implementing the new tool, we recommend setting up a pilot phase and testing the tool in practice. Collect feedback and evaluations to ensure that the tool meets your requirements with all interfaces and individual scripts and delivers the desired results.

Training and introduction

HOOD has over 20 years of experience in training and implementing software solutions. We prepare company-specific training materials and train your teams in the use and maintenance of the new RM tool or also accompany the implementation of changed processes with workshops. We ensure that all users have the required knowledge and skills.  
This is not only important for the effective use of the tool, but also to strengthen the acceptance of the new tool. Your teams are made up of individuals with needs, fears and varied experiences. We are aware of the scope and individual challenges of the changeover process. We strengthen your teams and set the framework for a successful migration.

Data migration to the new tool

We ensure that all relevant information and painstakingly collected data are correctly transferred to the new tool so that the integrity of the data is preserved. To do this, we have analysed your existing data models and structures in advance. We thus keep your back free so that you can concentrate on working on the content.

Monitoring and optimisation

We continuously monitor the use of the new tool with you and collect feedback from users. We identify the areas where possible improvements can be made and, if requested, optimise your processes accordingly. We deliver adaptations and continuous improvements that realise the full potential of the new RM tool and also enable efficiency-oriented processes.


We support your teams during the migration process and afterwards in working together and adapting changed workflows and support cross-team communication and collaboration.

Talk to us about the new tool!

From the first pilot to the company-wide roll-out, we support and advise you along the way.

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