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Requirements Engineering

From the first idea to the final product, it is an interplay of different people and functions. To ensure that the right thing is implemented in the end, all those involved must have a common understanding of the idea.

Requirements engineering provides the appropriate tools and procedures to create this common understanding. HOOD supports you in sustainably optimising your requirements and systems engineering in your organisation!

Sustainability and our motto "Helping people to help themselves" always form the basis of our consulting projects.

Anlayses of current state

The basis of sustainable improvement is a detailed understanding of your company's situation and goals. Based on this knowledge, HOOD develops and identifies optimisation potential with concrete benefits for you and your company.

We offer

  • Analysis of the procedures and tools established in your company
  • Quality check of your requirements
  • Identification of pilot projects for introduction or improvement projects in requirements engineering
Team is brainstorming

Engineering process

For successful product development, processes are just as important as the associated methods. Every company has individual processes and methods that have proven themselves in the past.

With extensive methodological knowledge and 20 years of experience in the optimisation of development processes, HOOD supports you in further developing your procedures and adapting them flexibly to volatile market conditions.

We offer

  • Development of an information model
  • Definition of in-house standardised procedures
  • Training of requirements engineers

Optimisation of requirement

We support you in defining products, software, or systems that inspire your customers. The basis for this are clear, benefit-oriented and transparent requirements.

HOOD supports you and your organisation in determining and structuring requirements.

We offer

  • Establishment of cooperative working methods
  • Training in modern requirements engineering techniques
  • Coaching of requirements engineers

Talk to us about your goals.

From analysis to implementation, we have the right practices and methods for you and your organisation.

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