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Agile practices

Companies have individual processes and ways of working, just like their products. Therefore, it is difficult to implement agile frameworks unchanged in an organisation. They only serve as a basis for agile working. At HOOD, we specialise in working with you to identify the most suitable agile ways of working for your company and establishing them in your teams.


HOOD analyses team structures and identifies sensible, agile ways of working together with your development teams and defines clear responsibilities for smooth collaboration.


Agile ways of working are not a universal solution. Together with you, HOOD analyses the development process of your organisation. Based on this analysis, we develop and establish agile working methods where it makes sense and is sustainable.


The path from classic to incremental product development poses special challenges for an organisation. HOOD coaches and accompanies you and your organisation on the path to agile product development.

Talk to us about agility!

From the first pilot to the full roll-out, we support and advise you along the way.

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