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As consultants, we support you in developing products, components, software or systems that inspire your customers. Step by step and continuously, we develop and optimise your processes, methods and tools together with you.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering describes the design, implementation, and management of complex systems using a systematic, interdisciplinary and modular approach.

HOOD supports the design, implementation, and optimisation of systems engineering in your development organisation.

Requirements Engineering

Requirements management is the process of identifying, analysing, documenting and managing requirements for a system.

HOOD supports development organisations in establishing and ensuring structured and sustainable requirements management and engineering in the long term.


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) / Application Lifecycle Management tools (ALM) are software applications that help manage the entire lifecycle of a product, from conception to disposal.

HOOD advises on the selection and configuration as well as on the empowerment of employees in the use of the tool.

RM-Tool change and methodological support

Is your requirements management tool about to be replaced by a newer version or a new RM tool?

HOOD is your partner for analysis, definition, piloting, training, integration and optimisation.

Agile methology

Agility is based on values and principles that, once embedded in the culture, enable dynamic, structured, goal-oriented and interdisciplinary collaboration.

HOOD supports the introduction and consolidation of agile values and principles in your development organisation.

Turn your teams into high-performance teams

The performance of your company depends primarily on the cooperation of your teams.

HOOD supports your teams in defining the helpful framework conditions, implements them and coaches the teams so that they can successfully implement complex tasks in the future.

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