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About us

Ready for success?

Develop as a team - flexibly and sustainably!

Complexity increases, framework conditions change. Structures in the company sometimes burden more than they help.
Time pressure, lack of resources or process chaos drive the development team to despair?
Isn't it a pity if the motivation of the employees suffers as a result?

At HOOD, we know what you're talking about. Many of our experts are experienced developers themselves. We like to work on the basis of agile values, principles and practices and focus on a values-based approach to requirements.

That's how we've been helping for over 20 years, the "small companies" and the "big ones" from automotive, finance, government, medicine.

With us, your organization changes sustainably - in the agile environment, in requirements management and in systems engineering.

Ready for success? Then contact us!

React with us and your team appropriately to customer needs and the rapid change of the world.

Our Philosophy

Advancing new ideas together, with enthusiasm and curiosity

An interest in developing new products or approaches arouses enthusiasm and passion.
People with a burning passion for designing new things, and meeting the challenges associated with new and further developments, do so in teams.

Creating trust through commitment, focus, courage, openness and respect

Successful teams for innovative products and approaches need an environment of trust. This is established through a commitment to working together towards an agreed common goal in a focussed, consistent and persistent manner. It also requires having the courage to go in new directions, talking openly about any awkward issues and showing respect for the experience and views of all those involved.


Branch offices

With headquarters in Munich, branch offices in Nuremberg and consultants all over Germany, we can provide you with comprehensive support and advice at any time, everywhere in Germany.

Keltenring 7
D-82041 Oberhaching / Munich

Phone:+49 (89) 45 12 53-0
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