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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) / Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools simplify and support the daily work in product development. They support documentation and validation. Each company is individual and requires unique criteria and functions that a tool must demonstrate.

Each tool has advantages and disadvantages. Which tool is the right one for your company? How do you integrate the tool into your organisation's processes?

As we are bound to any tool manufacturer, we can advise you independently.

Understanding the current state

To find the right tool for your organisation, it is essential that we understand you and your business. Our goal is to identify and implement software that supports you, your organisation and your teams in their daily work.

That's why we initially familiarise ourselves with your company, its existing processes and workflows.

Select and implement tool

The choice of PLM / ALM tools is diverse.

Together with you, we evaluate various software solutions so that you can make the best choice. 

Once a tool decision has been made, we adapt it to the processes of your organisation.

Enable organisation

An organisation lives through people. People have needs, fears and experiences, but they are also curious, willing to learn and happy about successes. 

In order to strengthen the acceptance of the new tool, it is important that everyone involved is extensively trained and empowered.

HOOD has over 20 years of experience in training and implementing software solutions. We make this concentrated knowledge available to you and your organisation.

We have sparked your interest!

Contact us and together we will evaluate the next steps for sustainable requirements management in your company.

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