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Call for Papers ended on 12 November 2023.

These are the topics of REConf® 2024 with the motto "RE – A Constant in Change":

Systems Engineering (SE) & Requirements Engineering (RE) in Constant Change

Increasingly complex demands are being placed on the development process. RE and SE are of central importance in the systems development process. In view of increasing complexity, do we need new, independent methods? What help can artificial intelligence provide? How can networked development become the constant in times of disruptive changes?

Communication and Team

When it comes to requirements, we communicate on different levels and with different languages (e.g. technical language/IT language/modelling languages). This often creates misunderstandings and inconsistencies. Clear and transparent communication channels in teams and organisations are the basis for cooperation and resilience to outside influences. What can be done to promote good communication? In times of hybrid and multinational teams, how can clear communication based on RE methods become the constant in an ever-changing world?

Agile Requirements Engineering

Agility supports resilience and a company’s ability to adapt to highly volatile market conditions and the ‘VUCA’ world. Through an agile approach, we wish to achieve better communication, constant customer feedback, greater customer satisfaction, and an increase in quality and production. Can agile working be enhanced by methods in systems and requirements engineering? Can agile requirements engineering be the constant in an ever-changing engineering world?

Requirements Engineering as Support for IT Security and Safety

The complexity and interconnectedness of systems in continually increasing. Cybercrime is increasing dramatically. In most cases, only a few staff are assigned to information security and user safety, which inevitably increases the risk of security and safety incidents. In addition to raising awareness and developing expertise, clearly defined security and safety requirements can mitigate risks at an early stage. In practice, this poses many challenges. What new methods are there? What measures have proven successful? How can security and safety become the constant in change with the help of systems and requirements engineering?

Tools in Systems and Requirements Engineering

PLM/ALM tools form the backbone of requirements engineering. They support the structuring, documentation and management of requirements. In the volatile environment of engineering, the RE tool is a dynamically robust constant. In addition to flexibility in dealing with organisational processes, the interconnectedness of different tools in engineering is becoming increasingly important. We would like to hear about how a PLM/ALM tool can inspire us and what innovations it brings.

AI Support in Engineering

You can ignore AI but it is becoming difficult to escape the influences of artificial intelligence in everyday work. There are a multitude of opportunities for using AI in engineering. What is certain is that, in future, a sensible and skilful use of AI will make the difference between success and failure of a product. Do you have ideas for and experience in dealing with artificial intelligence? How can artificial intelligence enhance the methodology of systems engineering and requirements engineering?

Success and Failure in RE in Practice

Often it is the small things that make a difference. But sometimes, however, far-reaching measures  are also necessary. What measures have helped you steer projects successfully through unsettled times and have become constants in the chaos of everyday project work?

Sustainability in Engineering

Sustainability and environmental issues are playing an ever more important role in requirements engineering. When developing products and services, companies need to consider not only the needs and expectations of their customers, but also environmental aspects such as sustainability, energy efficiency, and recyclability. How can systems and requirements engineering integrate environmental aspects in the engineering process and support the shift to sustainable and environmentally friendly products?

Programme Committee

Each year, far more topics are submitted than can be presented at REConf. In order to ensure quality, current relevance and objectivity in the selection of presentations, we have set up a programme committee. This year, we have once again been able to recruit high-profile members from science, industry, the service sector as well as corporations and medium-sized companies. They consult with each other to select those presentations for the REConf programme that meet certain quality criteria.

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