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High Performance Teams

Sustainable business results depend primarily on teams working together rather than individual performers. Digital companies such as: Google have recognised that five framework conditions are significantly responsible for the success of High Performance Teams.

At HOOD, we believe that any team can become a high performance team. Working together, such a team can generate innovative ideas, tackle complex challenges and perform very well for their organisation. In our complex world, these team results are vital for survival.
We need to become high performance teams where each member can use their individual strengths and weave them into the overall performance.

However, some framework conditions need to be created:

Psychological safety
Every team member needs the certainty of being able to openly express ideas and opinions. We need an environment where team members can trust and take risks without fear of negative consequences.

Team members should be able to rely on each other to carry out their tasks and provide support when needed. Open communication, cooperation and mutual respect are crucial to building trust.

Structure and clarity
We need a vision, clear structures, roles (including rotating) and responsibilities in the team. It is important that each team member understands the expectations and purpose of their work. This enables members to work together in a focused and purposeful way. Effective teams also have a clear structure for decision-making and conflict resolution.

Motivation and commitment come with the importance of the work that the team does. It is important that team members recognise the value and contribution of their work and can identify with the vision of the organisation.

The results of one’s work, the subjective judgement that your work is making a difference, is important for teams. Seeing that one’s work is contributing to the organization’s goals can help reveal impact.

A team is more than the sum of its parts. Teams in companies need good cooperation to create good, sustainable performance.

Even if you count many high performers in the company, these individual performances are not comparable to the collective performance. In a well-functioning team, performance can be sustainably increased.
With HOOD you can make the leap to a high performance team in your company.

How do we start?

  1. Briefing and introduction with the team manager
  2. Team survey on the most important framework conditions
  3. Preliminary consultation with the team manager regarding the team survey
  4. Kick-off with the team
  5. Individualised learning path for the team
  6. Closing event

In short individual meetings or half-day workshops, we work on the five framework conditions using individually selected building blocks from the areas of coaching, knowledge transfer and group work.

After our HOOD coaching, all the conditions are met to be a team that is more productive, has sustainable problem-solving skills and stronger innovation.

We adapt our approach to your specific situation,
to offer you our best possible support.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation for your High Performance Team.

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