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HTWS25: Daily Build @ Hardware

Daily Build @ Hardware

Date and Time: Monday, 05. March 2018, 09:00 - 13:00 Uhr

Can a car be built like software? YES. We will talk about what mindset we need to follow this new ap-proach to develop a car or any kind of a cyberphysical system. What strategy and method is necessary? What are the tools needed to support the agile approach? Let's discuss what are the obstacles towards an agile approach and how to mitigate them.

Kind of workshop: moderation, discussion, exercises and examples

Who should participate: Project Manager, Head of Development, Product Manager, System Architect-/ - Engineer, Developer, QA Manager, Product Owner

Learning targets:



Typical themes which may be discussed are:

Andreas Kreß is a IT and systems development specialist since 1993. He worked for several forefront tech companies and introduced advanced fast prototyping, leading edge requirements, change and configuration methods and tools into small to very large projects and enterprises. As a coach and teacher he is helping people to reach a higher understanding about what is software and system development.  As a time to time blogger he reflects what he experienced and recognizes in the field. He owns a seldom combination of 5 years’ experience into car ECU development together with having done several software IT projects over the last 20 years.