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HTWS34: The future is next door

The future is next door - DOORS to DOORS Next Generation Migration Scenarios

Tag und Uhrzeit: Montag, 27. März 2017, 14:00 - 18:00 Uhr

DOORS can be viewed as the de facto standard for managing requirements data. Many industries proof this with their central DOORS databases holding terabytes of requirement specification data.

But software aging seems to befall DOORS with new IT infrastructure demands and high expectations towards process integration not easy to cope with a fat client architecture and a proprietary customization language.

DOORS Next Generation (DNG) is providing the option to migrate into a state of the art IT infrastructure tightly integrated into a lifecycle tools environment.

The workshop will give space to take a look on DNG at a glance and the facilities incorporated into DOORS 9 to ease up the migration.

The workshop will play with selected DOORS usage scenarios and discuss possible migration strategies. Live migration will be presented and discussed.


Vortrag , Diskussion, Live - Demos

Wer an dem Vortrag teilnehmen sollte:

  • DOORS Experts
  • Everybody interested in DNG


  • Knowing about the DOORS to DNG data migration

Welche Voraussetzungen die Teilnehmer mitbringen müssen:

  • Requirements Management Tools Know How
  • Depending on the audience the workshop will be conducted in english or german or both

Agenda des Workshops:

  • 1. DNG at a glance
  • 2. What DOORS 9 provides to jump over
  • 3. Scenrios discussed (participants are invited to provide examples or topics times ahead the workshop)
  • 4. Live migration examples
  • 5. What's more - Putting together the workshop results


Dominik Jergus ist Solution Architect im Bereich Continuous Engineering bei   IBM Watson Internet of Things. Er betreut und berät Systems und Software Kunden hinsichtlich der Entwicklung komplexer Produkte und bzgl. Collaborative Lifecycle Management Projekten.

Andreas Kress ist Senior Consultant für Requirements-Management und -Engineering. Er unterstützt Kunden bei der Einführung und Anpassungen von Entwicklungs-Werkzeugen in komplexe System- und Software Entwicklungsprojekte.