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Requirements in System and Software Development

Requirements in System and Software Development

Methodology Training (2 Days) - Online

In many industries, system development is subject to extremely high quality and security demands. With the increasing complexity of the systems being developed, and the ever-increasing requirements in terms of cost, quality and time to market, organisations need to fully exploit potential for optimising their development processes. This applies to development projects for both software and hardware (mechanics, electronics, plant construction etc.).
Development processes are also facing increasingly demanding requirements (ISO 9000, Capability Maturity Model (CMM) etc.) to ensure product quality.
This two-day methodology training highlights the key role played by requirements in the system development process. Participants will learn how to structure and significantly improve efficiency in the development of systems, software, services and products through requirements management & engineering.



In this training course, you will learn about requirements management methodology and its integration within the entire development process. Participants will:


No,this trainingis suitable for beginners.



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