IREB® CPRE Foundation Level - E-Learning
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IREB® CPRE Foundation Level - E-Learning

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IREB® CPRE Foundation Level - E-Learning

The International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e.V. has set itself the goal of providing a certification model with syllabuses and examinations, thereby promoting the standardisation of training and development in requirements engineering. With more than 51,500 certifications in 84 countries for the CPRE-FL “Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering – Foundation Level” since 2007, this certification is of significant importance in the training of professional requirements engineers.

As an IREB Platin Partner, HOOD has been offering training initiatives for this since the start of the certification programme.

This unique E-Learning opportunity is an ideal way to prepare for the certification examination of the International Requirements Engineering Board. The training course has been developed by experts in requirements management & engineering, who have been significantly involved in producing the syllabus and examination for the "Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering" (CPRE) qualification and who are experienced in preparing candidates for this exam.

Participants have unlimited access to the training contents for a period of 3 months. This means that you can choose which topics you wish to work on, and how often and for how long you work on them. The multimedia training course is interactive, guaranteeing the best possible learning effect.


Participants will reach a level of proficiency and knowledge in accordance with the curriculum 3.0 of the International Requirements Engineering Board Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) - Foundation Level. After successfully completing the training course, participants will be familiar with requirements engineering and management terminology, be able to use basic techniques and methods in requirements engineering and ready to take the certification examination at an approved certification organisation.

Detailed Goals / Agenda can be found here:

    EU1 Introduction
    EU2 Basic principles
    EU3 Documentation practices and work products
    EU4 Determining requirements
    EU5 Process and workflow
    EU6 Requirements management
    EU7 Tools





An efficient way of preparing for the "Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) - Foundation Level" examination

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Available worldwide:

A highly effective way of learning

Certification examination can be taken worldwide at any approved certification organisation


E-Learning - 3 Month Access:
415,97€ (excluding the currently valid vat)

Introductory discount

All registrations for the new German-language E-Learning Platform 3.0 submitted by 30 October 2020 qualify for a 50% introductory discount on the current price.

Please enter the code e-learning_50 at the end of the registration process.

* Please note that the 3-month access is only valid from November onwards. For purchases made on account, access will only be activated following receipt of payment.


Produkt Date Price
IREB® CPRE Foundation Level - E-Learning - 3 months access
Standard: 482,53 € Request a quote / Registration

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A demo version of the new E-Learning 3.0 will be available from the beginning of October.

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