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E-Learning for Companies

Would you like to become a requirements professional together with your team colleagues so that you are able to develop perfect products and services right from the start?

Do you face the challenge of working from home and are unable to hold any face-to-face training in your company? Then why not enjoy the benefits of e-learning! Here you can allocate time for learning as you wish and learn at your own pace. At the same time, you can enjoy the advantages of learning together with your colleagues!

We offer a combination of e-learning and online tutoring sessions that can be tailored to your individual needs.

You can set these 2 parameters individually:

Learning period

We have tested it: you can work through the training completely in 20-28 hours.
How generous would you like to be with yourself and your colleagues?   

Choose between:

The learning period depends, of course, on how many hours per week you are able to reserve for learning modules in your daily work.   

Focus and timing of online tutoring sessions

In addition to the e-learning course, we offer a total or 4 tutoring sessions of 90 minutes each. During the sessions you can ask our trainers questions about specific content.
The big advantage over individual e-learning is you can also discuss  company-specific issues during the tutoring sessions.
The tutoring sessions are evenly spread over the course units. We will adjust the dates according to the learning period you have chosen.

Do you have any other individual wishes?

Then please talk to us.  We look forward to your call on 089 4512530, or send us an email using the enquiry forum.  

You will see: bringing your team to the same level of knowledge and, at the same time, discussing individual examples from your company with our development professionals will take you a decisive step forward in the development of perfect products and services.



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Gabriele Leibmann, Training Manager

Gabriele Leibmann
Training Manager

+49 89 4512 530

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