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Artificial Intelligence - Decision-Making

Artificial Intelligence: Support in Decision-Making and Introducing AI for Industrial Use

Information event (1/2 day) - Online

Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently regarded as one of the most significant issues for the future in companies of all sizes. The importance of AI in development, production, operations, customer service, marketing, sales and logistics is immense. However, companies often lack ideas or an understanding of the problems and issues in their company that could be addressed through AI. The basic principle of AI, the competencies necessary for advancing the topic internally and what prerequisites lead to AI becoming a real benefit to the company are often not widely known.

We have developed an information event for managers and interested parties to assist decision-making and getting started in this area. The event should help you to make well-founded decisions on whether it makes sense for your company to pursue this topic. In addition, companies will be shown how benefits can be created with AI.

Learning objectives

Participants will know about:

and can thus decide whether and how they wish to deal with the subject of artificial intelligence in the future.


  1. Definition and origins of AI
  2. Overview of AI methods and applications
  3. Prerequisites for the use of AI
  4. Ways to identify potential areas that can be supported by AI
  5. Demonstration of an intelligent image processing system - from data collection to a ready-to-use AI module
  6. Presentation of an ROI calculation using an AI example
  7. Ethical aspects
  8. Trust and transparency in AI by looking into the "black box"
  9. The way from identifying the problem to the solution going live in the company
  10. Next steps


No previous knowledge of AI required

Target Group

Decision makers or interested parties who want to consider AI as a possible technology solution in their company.


Documentation and source material for the event will be available electronically in German and English. The event can be held in both German and English.


The event will be run by two trainers from ST2C GmbH and HOOD GmbH.

Dates und prices

Available as onsite event only.

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