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DESIRe® supports people writing requirements in the natural language, or checking them as part of quality assurance. It is a software tool that, depending on the words used (e.g. ambiguous words and verbs etc.) in the chosen requirement, displays predefined questions in a pop-up window. These are questions regarding possible weaknesses in the requirement. By mentally answering these questions, the idea is for the requirements author to then rework the wording of the requirement as necessary. 

It is important for DESIRe® to be modified with your company- and project-specific questions or instructions in advance. The DESIRe®  tool, together with an initial set of questions in English and German, is available free of charge from our download page. The implementation of DESIRe® can also be customised according to your company's own needs.

Should you decide to use DESIRe® in your company, we can offer you a DESIRe® Start-Up Package:

  • Advice on how you can best install and configure DESIRe® to meet your company's individual needs
  • Support in setting up an extendable knowledge base containing basic terminology that you can use in your development projects
  • Analysis of your requirements documentation to identify your industry- and company-specific terminology
  • Training of your requirements' authors in the use of DESIRe®
  • Roll-out and use of DESIRe® in your company