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Determining Procedures

We have a large number of tried and tested methods, techniques and tools available to help you in dealing with requirements. We will work with you to develop the best course of action and customised processes for your company. 

Requirements Model

Are you wishing to create a structure for your requirements, or expand and update the way you currently organise them? Then we can help you to develop a requirements model appropriate to your projects and organisational structure.


For this, we offer a project-structuring workshop, in which we will work with you to find the best solution for structuring requirements in your company.

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Dealing with Requirements

To support our customers in wording and validating requirements we have developed a tool known as DESIRe®. You can check your requirements based on predefined questions and instructions (e.g. for consistency, understandability and integrity): DESIRe® can be integrated into both the DOORS® tool and Microsoft Word for this. 


Stakeholder Management

You company's most important stakeholders are certainly its investors or contracting entities, as well the user - your customer. But every person or organisation that has any kind of influence on the system in question is a stakeholder. This applies to the entire product life-cycle. We have developed proven approaches and methods that we can implement in your company through training or operational support.

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Are you wanting to depict your systems using models, in order to get to grips with the complexity? Models are not only an excellent way of achieving a common view of complex systems, they are also ideal for communicating, clarifying and realising ideas. 

We will implement and improve your modelling processes; and help you in evaluating, selecting, introducing and training people in modelling tools and languages.

We can combine modelling and requirements development in a way that it enables highly effective design of complex systems. Modelling is an important tool for defining system boundaries, as well as for eliciting and specifying requirements in all phases.

At HOOD, modelling is therefore an essential tool used in all key areas; from business process modelling, system specification, to the analysis and design of software.