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Whether you wish to improve an existing one, or introduce a new process for dealing with requirements, we can advise and support you in this project. The first and crucial step with all of our services is to understand your current position, what your goals are and what solutions are needed. This analysis involves talking to you, in order to find a starting point for improving the way you currently use requirements to develop your products.


The basis for any effective improvement is understanding where the basic potential for improvements are and what your company's goals are. Based on this knowledge, we will develop improvement measures and agree them with you. This approach ensures that the measures defined do actually bring tangible benefits to your organisation.

More specifically, you benefit from

  • an analysis of the established process models in your company incl. relevant tool environments,
  • a quality check of your requirements (e.g. in terms of consistency, duplication & necessity),
  • the establishment of an implementation and improvement plan, and
  • the identification of fundamental potential for improvement by analysing your complete value chain, in order to improve your company's overall position.

Talk to us about your goals. We have appropriate methods of analysis for developing recommendations to ensure that you can also reach these goals.

Implementation Consultancy

Are you about to implement / improve a process model in your company? Or perhaps you have already begun to do so?

In addition to the technical challenge of finding the best process model, it is equally important to involve your employees. This will ensure the necessary level of acceptance by everyone involved; and the long-term effectiveness of requirements engineering in your company. This is why HOOD has developed its concept of Sustainable Requirements Engineering (SuRE).

A SuRE audit helps to establish what level of maturity the implementation scheme in your process model has. As part of this audit, we will produce firm recommendations as to how, with the help of your new process model, you can actually achieve the expected long-term benefit.

We also offer a one-day internal company workshop that will make participants: aware of process implementation, methods and tools; understand the basic concepts of SuRE and, through practical exercises, help establish it in the context of your company.

We will, of course, also be happy to support you beyond the SuRE Audit and SuRE Workshop by way of individual consultancy services, so that your company is in a position to be able to effectively and continually improve existing process models now and in the future.

Determining Procedures

If you wish to develop new ideas in your company, in coming up with the correct and necessary requirements, procedures and processes are just as important as the related methods (such as the wording and elicitation of requirements, stakeholder involvement strategies or the specific use of a requirements management tool). We will support  you in developing these processes/methods to be accepted by your staff. The benefit: you can develop your products with the minimum expenditure necessary. We endeavour to work with you on this, so that you are empowered to further develop and maintain your methods and processes independently. Our approach towards sustainability applies here - as does our motto "Helping you to help yourself".

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