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REConf 2020

Welcome to REConf® 2020. The dates for the conference are 23 - 27 March 2020 at the H4 Hotel München Messe.

REConf® has become one of the largest conferences in Europe focussing on requirements management and is taking place for the 19th time. The 'who's who' of requirements management from a wide range of industries meet annually in Munich to talk about current and future issues in requirements engineering.

In addition to numerous specialist presentations, the conference includes workshops and other interactive formats lika world cafes an open space. REConf® is rounded off by an exhibition featuring well-known vendors and service companies specialising in requirements management.

RE - A Question of Culture?

Requirements Engineering (RE) is a way to understand wishes and expectations. Through RE we speak the same language and have a common means of expression. As a result we understand each other, irrespective of whether we're a customer, manufacturer or supplier.

The most important thing is that we talk to one another. Tools, rules, contracts, established practices, methods, frameworks and principles can support us in this. But, ultimately, our values and mindsets play a key role. Values and mindsets on the other hand have been shaped by our culture.

Can we specify culture? What actually is culture? What constitutes culture? Which definitions and frameworks help to make the issue of 'culture' and specifically 'corporate culture' tangible? And in what way can it influence RE? How can culture be analysed?

Call for Papers

Call for Papers ends on October 14, 2019.

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We are delighted to announce the following keynote speakers for REConf® 2020.

Markus Sontheimer
24. März 2020

Breaking down the silos!

Joey Kelly
24. März 2020

NO LIMITS – Wie schaffe ich mein Ziel

Tobias Leisgang
25. März 2020

Den Zufall in die Karten spielen lassen




REConf® is supported by partners and a whole series of sponsors and exhibitors. We thank you very much for your support.

Are you also active in the area of requirements engineering or agile development? Would you like your company to become a REConf® partner? We look forward to hearing from you!

sponsors and exhibitors

Programm Committeee

An outstanding programme committee has been formed for REConf® 2020. Great importance has been put on choosing only end users for this committee. Furthermore, to ensure that the REConf® 2020 agenda is well-balanced, care was taken to include companies using different requirements management tools, and processes from both traditional and agile development environments. The following people are members of the programme committee:

Members of the Programme Committee

Additional Material / Conference Hotel

REConf® was initiated in 2002 by the HOOD Group. Since then it has been held regularly in the Munich area.

You will find information about the conference hotel, contact addresses and the organiser - the HOOD Group - here.

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