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Innovative - agile - successful

As a consulting and training company in the field of Systems & Requirements Engineering, we SOPHISTs have been supporting our customers for more than 25 years.
Our focus is particularly on the development and transfer of methods, both in the classic and in the agile project environment. And, of course, the use of AI is also our hot topic, in which we not only research and develop internally, but are also involved in customer projects.

Since Chris Rupp founded the company in 1996, our consultants have been making their know-how, practical experience and best practices available to companies that want to design and successfully complete their system and software development effectively and efficiently. The application can be very diverse - from operative project participation, introduction strategies of new processes and procedures to coaching of the complete project team and much more.

But SOPHIST does much more.
We are also a training provider, especially for CPRE certification training. This is due to our close connection to IREB e.V.
Chris Rupp, the founder and managing partner of SOPHIST is a founding member of the International Requirements Engineering Board e.V. (IREB e. V.) and is thus jointly responsible for the CPRE certification principle. And even today, many SOPHIST consultants are involved in the development and elaboration of the CPRE curricula and examinations.
With all this background, it is not surprising that the pass rate for participants who have previously attended one of our certification trainings is above the usual average.

We are also authors of the most successful books on requirements engineering and UML. Be it our bestselling book "Requirements Engineering and Management - 7th Edition" or "UML2 crystal clear". We are also part of the author team for the CPRE Foundation Level book "Basiswissen Requirements Engineering". 

As if that were not enough, many SOPHIST consultants can also be found as speakers at national and international conferences.

Systems and requirements engineering is our passion, but in the end we are "just" a motley bunch of highly motivated, dynamic people whose success is built on competence and fun.

Best regards, your SOPHISTs

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