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The International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) e. V. is a group of leading Requirements Engineering experts from business, consulting, research, and science. They founded IREB e.V. to jointly standardize the Requirements Engineering education and to finally improve the RE practice. This was the origin for the certification program "Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering" (CPRE).

Since its founding in 2006, IREB has become the world's leading expert body when it comes to certifying professionals in the discipline of Requirements Engineering. Whether business analyst or software engineer, anyone who needs to specify requirements for solutions will find the CPRE certification program the best basis for doing so - more than 79.000 exams and more than 62.000 certified professionals in 91 countries speak for themselves.

The latest development of the International Requirements Engineering Board is the "Digital Design Professional" (DDP) certification program. It was elaborated in close exchange with recognized experts from IT, product design and industrial design, and provides the professional basis for designing digital solutions from a holistic perspective. Business, humans and technology are thought of together and the digital is understood as shapeable material.

With this qualification, which has been available as DDP Foundation Level since June 2021, IREB is responding to the current demands for digitalization and digital transformation. DDPs know how to make optimal use of the potential of digital technologies in order to create innovations in a targeted manner.

More information on IREB and the CPRE scheme at www.ireb.org and on the DDP scheme at www.digitaldesign.org.

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