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The Little Red Riding Hood Show

We would like to offer exhibitors the opportunity of presenting their tool at REConf 2022 by means of a defined task, as part of the "Little Red Riding Hood Show".

A "fairytale" provides the framework for the task.



When Little Red Riding Hood visits here grandma she is always afraid of the wolf. In order to get through the forest without being afraid, she wants a safe vehicle to be built by the technically highly-talented Seven Dwarfs.
Red Riding Hood writes and draws a wish list. She takes the idea to the Dwarfs in the workshop and shows them her list.  The following day, the Dwarfs discuss initial ideas with Red Riding Hood.  She approves the plans and the Dwarfs get straight to work.
To make Red Riding Hood's requirements clearer, the Dwarfs want to use a RE tool. Snow White would also like to have a similar vehicle. And they lived happily ever after, ....

Tool Presentations at REConf 2022

The presentation itself will take place in 2 stages:

25 April 2022, Monday evening from 19:45 hrs:

  • Presentation of the Task
  • Each participating tool vendor quickly presents their solution
  • Closing remarks

On 26 and 27 April 2022:

The Little Red Riding Hood Show will take places on both conference days during the breaks, with tool demonstrations at relevant exhibitor stands and in the Executive Lounge.

In this way, we wish to give a broad overview of possible tool solutions at REConf 2022.

Participating tool vendors