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The Tool Challenge

Based on a defined task, we would like to offer exhibitors at REConf 2024 the opportunity to present their tools as part of the “Max PowerBrush” tool challenge.

We wish to meet the interests of exhibitors in presenting their solutions to a broad audience and engaging with interested parties. The tool challenge is by no means intended to be a competition between individual software tools. It is not a substitute for benchmarking, but allows for each tool to be presented in the best possible way.

A story will set the framework for the task.

HOOD will provide details of the task and data in advance, so that participating companies can prepare themselves accordingly.

The tool challenge will be introduced and briefly explained during the opening sessions of the conference days on Tuesday 23rd April and Wednesday 24th April 2024.

The presentations themselves will take place in the 20-minute slots set aside for this purpose at the respective exhibition stands. This means the tool challenge is not in competition with conference presentations or breaks. This will ensure that all delegates have the opportunity to attend.

For this, HOOD will organise equipment such as whisper systems, so that several demos can take place in parallel.

We would be delighted if as many sponsors and exhibitors as possible take part in demonstrating the various tool solutions.

Participating Tool Vendors

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