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You are no doubt wondering about the format of online training at HOOD and what the prerequisites are.

The following short text gives you the answers.


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Online Training Format and Prerequisites for Participation

1. What is the format of HOOD's online training?

Two facilitators will present the content using PowerPoint slides and flipcharts. There will also be additional interaction through group work. We have set ourselves the goal of making online training as varied as face-to-face training - and even added a few extra features.
So that our training courses definitely don't become monotonous, we have invested in professional camera work to show different angles.

1.1. Media

We will send you the presentation with the course content. The slides will be shown during the training sessions via desktop sharing. We also use specially developed graphics on a flipchart. Naturally, even with online training, we are not able to plan for everything in advance. That's why our trainers will be drawing graphics and diagrams on flipcharts, and dealing with your questions live.
You can look forward to group exercises in the virtual classroom. Here you can discuss things with other participants in small groups without interruption, and work out solutions together.

1.2. Exercises

During the exercises, you will be working on a file that you subsequently present. A chat function supports this interaction.
In addition to individual exercises, there are also groups facilitated by the trainers. This will allow you to assimilate the course contents in a fun way, get an insight into how other participants work and to share practical knowledge.

1.3. Number of Participants

In our online training courses, the number of participants is limited to 12 people. With this, we wish to ensure that every participant has sufficient time and space to comment, contribute and practice what they have learned.

1.4. Planning and Experience

The structure, contents and learning aspects of our online training courses have been carefully thought out and developed. CARS online training has already taken place and received very positive feedback.

2. What are the technical requirements for participating in online training?

Important are:

  • a PC or laptop
  • a stable internet connection for video streaming
  • Microsoft 'Teams' app (also available free of charge to non-Microsoft customers).
    • An alternative to the Teams app is offered by Teams Web Client (we recommend Chrome or Microsoft Edge for this) although lower picture quality is to be expected.

You can choose whether you work using the audio from your PC, or use a compatible headset with built-in microphone.
If you have a second monitor, you are encouraged to use it. This will allow you to switch between the various online classrooms. However, this is optional and not essential.

We can also offer our online training courses as internal company workshops. Please get in touch with us about this and options for certification at the end of the training.


 20% volume discount

When more than 1 person registers at the same time for a public training course on the same date, all registered participants will receive a 20% discount on the current price* applicable: at the end of the ordering process, please enter the code quantity20.

The HOOD Certified Agile Coach training is an exception to this volume discount.

10% introductory discount

The introductory discount of 10% applies to all public online trainings at the current price*. You only need to enter the code ON20_HOOD_1756 at the end of the order process.

The two discounts can`t be combined.

* Standard price and early booking price (early booking price: 10% discount for registrations at least 4 weeks before the respective training course starts).

All HOOD trainings (public & onsite) are also available ONLINE.
Additionally we offer the CPRE-FL as e-learning.

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