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Advancing new ideas together, with enthusiasm and curiosity

An interest in developing new products or approaches arouses enthusiasm and passion.

People with a burning passion for designing new things, and meeting the challenges associated with new and further developments, do so in teams.

Creating trust through commitment, focus, courage, openness and respect.

Successful teams for innovative products and approaches need an environment of trust. This is established through a commitment to working together towards an agreed common goal in a focussed, consistent and persistent manner. It also requires having the courage to go in new directions, talking openly about any awkward issues and showing respect for the experience and views of all those involved.

Based on agile values, principles and practices, and a value-oriented approach to requirements, we work together with our customers to enhance the development of their innovative and complex systems

HOOD has been helping large organisations to improve the way they deal with requirements for over 25 years.

Rather than sticking dogmatically to set approaches or preaching about process models, we agree development practices with our clients pragmatically according to the company's particular situation and market, and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

A change of approach is not normally a technical issue. We get those people affected by the change onboard by designing the change process with them together.

Our core competencies are in agile transition and requirements engineering, including its various interfaces with systems and software engineering. For this we are able to draw on many years' experience in agile coaching, and sound expertise in requirements management.