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Scaled Agile

We are no strangers to Scaled Agile Frameworks. This fact is demonstrated, not least, by our certified SAFe and LeSS coaches. We also understand large companies, the development of complex products and systems, and the challenges of sometimes dealing with the (co)existence of both agile and phase-oriented approaches. Do you have more than one development team or even several backlogs, and are developing several products or systems? And would also like to give your customers a roadmap for the next releases?

We will support you in managing your product portfolio, coordinating your teams and backlogs and in implementing release planning.

Agile beyond 'IT'

Agile approaches are not just restricted to IT-related environments, but find their way into all kinds of industries. Because of our many years experience in systems engineering, we understand the challenges presented by complex development processes and are in a position to pinpoint pragmatic solutions.


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Michael Lehnert, Business Development

Michael Lehnert
Business Development

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