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Scrum@Hardware Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Joe Justice


Date and Time: 
Thursday and Friday,
30. - 31. March 2017, 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr


Scrum@Hardware Certified Scrum Master (CSM) is a set of technical practices and management principles to go from an idea to a product or service in the customers hands in less than 7 days. This involves Agile design, Agile manufacturing, Scrum teams, Kanban flow optimizations, Radical Management, Lean and TPS, rapid prototyping tools and practices, Scrum vendor practices, and Extreme Programing technical practices.

In this two-day Workshop, the WikiSpeed founder Joe Justice discusses Scrum, Scrum@Hardware and eXtreme Manufacturing. He will show how Scrum is changing your thinking about everything from procurement to production line design and setup. He doesn’t just cover Scrum in this course. He covers product engineering and architecture ideas that enable rapid development, including test driven development, object oriented design and interface patterns as they apply to hardware.

As this course will be held at REConf, an eye is kept on the handling of requirements.


Joe's Scrum@Hardware Certified Scrum Master (CSM) is unique. All of the examples, stories, and case studies are from the automotive, equipment, aviation, electronics or medical device product development. Joe takes you through how Scrum can be applied in design, prototyping and production environments.
The term eXtreme Manufacturing (XM) was coined by Team WIKISPEED, a non-profit car manufacturer, to describe how it manufactures automobiles combining the Scrum framework, Object-Oriented architecture and eXtreme Programming (XP). Blending these three practices, WIKISPEED invented a new manufacturing process that can shorten time-to-market, reduce labor costs and spur innovation.

eXtreme Manufacturing borrows the basic Agile principles from Scrum. First and foremost, it leverages small, cross-functional Teams, which have a Product Owner and Scrum Master. XM is structured around Sprints to help develop functionality in vertical slices that build overtime. Like Scrum, XM makes development transparent through tools like a Scrum board and a product backlog. It also borrows the concept of tracking process improvements by using Velocity. And, most importantly, it relies on the Lean concept of continuous improvement by employing Sprint Retrospectives and the Happiness Metric. Scrum provides the basic structure for XM.
All attendees who complete this two-day Workshop and pass the Scrum Alliance online exam will become Certified Scrum Masters (CSMs), which includes a two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, where additional Certified ScrumMaster-only material and information are available.

Who should participate:

Anyone wanting to become a Certified Scrum Master. The class will be extra interesting to Hardware/Product Developers, Requirements Engineers, R&D teams, software developers that coordinate with hardware teams, managers of product development groups that want to explore fundamentally new methods to delivering, embedded software team members.


After attending this course, you will need to pass an online exam to receive the Certified Scrum Master certificate from the Scrum Alliance. This test has 35 multiple choice questions on the topics that are discussed during the course. Our trainer will explain all details about the certification process and guide you to the necessary materials to prepare for the test.

Joe Justice ist Referent der REConf 2017Joe Justice

President Scrum@Hardware, Scrum Inc.

Joe is a consultant at Scrum, Inc., a TEDx speaker, and coach for agile hardware and manufacturing teams around the world. Scrum, Inc. is the principle thought leadership and training body on Scrum and agile development. He is the founder of Team WIKISPEED, an all Scrum volunteer-based, “green” automotive prototyping company, with a goal to change the world for the better. Joe consults and coaches teams and companies on implementing Scrum at all levels of their organization, both in software and physical manufacturing. Joe has been featured in Forbes 5 times, CNN Money once to date, interviewed by Fast Company, featured on the Discovery Channel, and other media outlets globally for his work reducing time to value in companies globally and within the non-profit social good do-tank, Team WIKISPEED.

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