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Advancing new ideas together with enthusiasm and curiosity.

An interest in developing new products or approaches arouses enthusiasm and passion.

People with a burning passion for designing new things, and meeting the challenges associated with new and further developments, do so in teams.

Creating trust through commitment, focus, courage, openness and respect.

Successful teams for innovative products and approaches need an environment of trust. This is established through a commitment to working together towards an agreed common goal in a focussed, consistent and persistent manner. It also requires having the courage to go in new directions, talking openly about any awkward issues and showing respect for the experience and views of all those involved.

Based on agile values, principles and practices, and a value-oriented approach to requirements, we work together with our customers to enhance the development of their innovative and complex systems.

HOOD has been helping large organisations to improve the way they deal with requirements for over 25 years.

Rather than sticking dogmatically to set approaches or preaching about process models, we agree development practices with our clients pragmatically according to the company's particular situation and market, and avoid unnecessary expenditure.

A change of approach is not normally a technical issue. We get those people affected by the change onboard by designing the change process with them together.

Our core competencies are in agile transition and requirements engineering, including its various interfaces with systems and software engineering. For this we are able to draw on many years' experience in agile coaching, and sound expertise in requirements management.


REConf® has been organised by HLMC Events GmbH for over 10 years. HLMC Events GmbH is specialised in the organisation of events within the area of IT. HLMC focuses on both the content and organisation of conferences and workshops. More than one thousand participants from the IT industry attend events organised by HLMC Events GmbH every year.

HLMC addresses the current trends in IT, thus ensuring the success of each event. The range of services offered by HLMC includes finding and selecting keynote speakers, user and methodology presentations, the acquisition of sponsors and exhibitors, as well as handling organisational and administrative matters for the event. In acquiring participants, HLMC offers a healthy marketing mix of online and print advertising, invariably characterised by innovative ideas. 

HLMC Events GmbH
Kirchplatz 1
82041 Oberhaching, Germany

Email info(at)


Event Location

Holiday Inn Munich - City Centre

Hochstrasse 3
81669 München
book now by phone: 0800 181 7341

Details of how to get there by public transport and by car can be found here: 





Speakers Corner

Once again, we are looking forward to welcoming a large number of speakers to REConf 2017. The following information is important for you as a speaker: 

  1. It is not necessary to register as a speaker:  As a speaker or first co-speaker for a presentation that has been accepted, you do not have to register for the conference via the shop. This also applies to speakers at the workshops.
    But please let us know which days you will be attending the conference. You will receive an email about this in February/March 2017. For additional co-speakers: please note the relevant point in the list below.
  2. Registering as a conference speaker at the event: At the conference, you only need to give your name at the registration desk to receive a full conference pack and your name badge. If you would like to take part in the Speed Presentation, we would ask you to attend the keynote session and to take a seat in the first row: this will ensure everything runs smoothly. Please also note that, due to the high number of participants (particularly on Tuesday morning), there may be some delays in registration.
    The registration desk is staffed from Monday to Wednesday from 08.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs (Wednesday until 17.00 hrs). 
  3. Travel and accommodation: Participation in the conference is free of charge for you; you will need to take care of your own travel and accommodation arrangements. You will find the link for booking accommodation at special REConf rates here. Because this allocation of rooms is limited, please book your accommodation as far in advance as possible.
  4. Speed Presentation: As last year, the day's presentations will once again be introduced directly after the opening keynotes. Each speaker has one slide and exactly one minute to introduce their presentation to the conference delegates. This is very useful for delegates in deciding which presentations they wish to attend during the day; and a good opportunity for speakers to promote their presentation to conference delegates.
    We will send you full details about the Speed Presentations in a separate communication in February/March 2017.
  5. Final presentation slides: You will be able to upload your final presentation slides, your presentation in PDF format (which we will offer as a download after the conference) and the slide for your Speed Presentation to our server from February/March 2017. You will also receive a separate email about this in February, with appropriate access details for the server.
  6. Co-speakers: The speaker for each presentation that has been accepted has free entrance to the all conference presentations (not to the workshops). A maximum of one additional co-speaker per presentation has free access to the conference. However, this free admission is only valid when the co-speaker was named at the time of submitting the presentation.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to allow any additional co-speakers.

    Several presentations were submitted with more than one co-speaker. Please note that you need to register these additional co-speakers as paying conference delegates in order for them to have access.


Rupert Wiebel
Managing Director HOOD GmbH

phone:   +49 89 / 4512 530 
fax:         +49 89 / 4512 5319 
email:     reconf(at)

HLMC Events GmbH
Gerhard Versteegen

email:    g.versteegen(at)

If you have any questions concerning your invoice please contact assistance(at)