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Requirements management extends through all phases in a development project, making it possible to test the end product against the original requirements. Requirements management tools, such as DOORS® from IBM, offer indispensable support in this complex process. This training course is designed for people who write requirements, use evaluation data or link test specifications to requirements. In addition to a basic introduction, special emphasis will be put the various DOORS® functions that are required on a daily basis. The framework of the course is based on actual information structures used in organisations or in current projects. This means that participants will not be over burdened with functions that they may never need and will be able to begin making use of DOORS® within a very short time.

Goals: Participants will
  • learn about organisational and project-specific information structures,
  • learn about DOORS® functions that are most needed in their work,
  • be able to continue performing their previous tasks in DOORS®.


  • DOORS® Data Model Overview
    • Projects, folders, formal and link modules
    • Objects, attributes and types
  • DOORS® Data Contents
    • Database explorer
    • Formal module
    • Objects, OLE objects
    • Attributes
  • DOORS® Views
    • Columns
    • Filtering and sorting
    • Saving and managing views
  • DOORS® Configuration Management
    • History
    • Baselines, baseline groups
    • Electronic signatures
  • DOORS® Data Relationships
    • Links
  • DOORS® Analysis Tools
    • Overview
    • Suspect links
    • Assistant
    • Traceability explorer
  • Optional Topics:
  • DOORS® Discussions
    • Creating and reading threads
    • Printing
    • Print function
  • DOORS® Produce Reports
    • Using the Publishing Engine Template
    • System for suggesting changes
    • Changes to entries


  • Knowledge of RM&E Methodology as well as "RM&E - How to write requirements"
  • Project managers
  • Marketing people
  • Sales people
  • Development engineers
  • System engineers
  • Anyone who writes requirement on IT systems, or reads them
  • The participants gain a practical-oriented insight into the application of the RM tool DOORS.

General terms and conditions for participation

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In case the course has to be cancelled by HOOD GmbH due to important reasons (e.g. illness or insufficient registrations), this is equivalent to a free of charge cancellation. No further claims shall exist.

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