You would like to implement SOA into your development process


The Scenario:

Developing a service-orientated architecture (SOA) based on your business processes reduces the long-term development and maintenance costs of processes and software systems. Perhaps you are looking to use SOA in your development activities, but, because of its scope and complexity, you are not sure about the level of SOA you require and in which sequence to roll it out?

The Solution:

HOOD's experience in implementing and using SOA enables our SOA experts to support you in software development projects, from service-orientated business process modelling to creating the various architectural layers. We will help you to implement the core concept of SOA, tailored to your specific needs, on a step by step basis. Good practices support both the efficient definition of services and the planning, implementation and orchestration of services, to achieve a ‘better’ service.

The Benefits:

A modular development of processes and software systems based on SOA makes the complexity of these processes and systems more manageable. It makes checking and testing easier, for example, by checking for consistency. It enables the reuse of modules (services) in new processes and software systems and leads to lower costs in the development process.


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