You wish to exchange specifications and requirements with customers and suppliers


The Scenario:

You no doubt recognise the situation: you have to exchange specifications with your customers or suppliers and this is often done using Word or PDF files. After exchanging specifications, the subsequent exchange of information between you and your partners is, as a rule, ad-hoc, little checked and often not documented. This means that specifications are no longer up-to-date and the status of the agreement is not centrally documented. Exchanging specifications on the basis of files means that it is difficult to compare the responses of different suppliers. Furthermore, tracking changes to the specifications is only possible with a relatively high cost in terms of time and effort.

The Solution:

Benefit from HOOD's many years of experience in defining, implementing and executing the exchange of specifications. HOOD will analyse the constraints that are relevant to you. Based on this, we will support you in implementing a tool-based and database-supported approach for exchanging specifications.

HOOD has considerable experience in the exchange of specifications in a wide range of industries. On behalf of one customer, for example, HOOD implemented a tool-based system for exchanging specifications, with comparative and statistical functionalities. The changes to the specifications were visually highlighted and presented in a convenient way. The second phase involved extending the functionalities to include comparisons with several product lines. This enables a variant comparison to be made between product lines.

The Benefits:

Our process model will enable you to reach a common and significantly improved understanding of the requirements of your customers or suppliers. It provides a simple and accurate way of organising customer and supplier specification documents, so that the responses of individual suppliers to the customer specifications are automatically compared. Discussions concerning the contents of the specifications will be significantly shorter. Importing and exporting the contents from your tool environment is possible with little extra effort. An efficient exchange of specifications will enable you to optimise your cooperation with customers and suppliers and, therefore, increase the level of satisfaction and motivation of all those involved.


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