You wish to develop product line architecture


The Scenario:

Products in a product line have common features and features that vary. Developing product line architecture can take this situation into account - instead of 'reinventing the wheel' for each product, new products are designed based on a collection of existing deliverables. The result: a shorter time-to-market and cost reductions.

The Solution:

Product line architecture is not just restricted to software/system architecture and to implementing products. Artefacts such as requirements and test cases are also part of the product line architecture. The aim is to increase the level of 'reuse' throughout the development process. Hence, reusability becomes a strategic instrument that can be built into product development. There are start-up costs associated with every architectural development. They are written off over several generations of products. Defining suitable product line architecture is a prerequisite.

HOOD can support you in

  • determining whether product line architecture is appropriate for your organisation;
  • analysing and planning the necessary technical and business changes that are required when introducing product line architecture;
  • modifying the development process to create a product-line-orientated approach,
  • identifying the risks that arise during implementation and overcoming obstacles.

The Benefits:

The increasing complexity of products and tighter product development deadlines necessitate efficient development in product lines. The basis for this is a sustainable architecture that adequately supports the needs of product lines. Make your projects even more successful with our help and benefit from our extensive experience in designing product line architecture.


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