Requirements Engineering

Reduced budgets, tougher competition, increasingly complex products and shorter product cycles are the current challenges facing development companies. If you

  • want to manufacture something,
  • develop something together with others
  • or wish to purchase something,

you have requirements that you need to understand and manage. The use of requirements engineering is an essential part of large corporations and middle-sized companies, for the successful development of complex products, services and systems.

Requirements engineering is the driver for the contents within the disciplines of system and software development. It concerns both the management and linking of all artefacts relevant to the specifications (requirements management (RM)) and the development of that specifications' content (requirements development (RD)).

At HOOD, we support this not only within our key competency area of RE (for this refer to RD and RM), but take a broader perspective in providing an efficient interaction between the linked process disciplines in product development. That is why we analyse current processes and ensure a smooth interaction at the process interfaces (Examples: Discip_Test.docx, Discip_Risk.docx, Discip_Project.docx). The level of agility, the degree of formalisation, the type of documentation and the concept for roll-outs/anchoring should be aligned at an inter-disciplinary level.

For dealing with topics outside of our own specialist areas in greater detail, our customers have already benefited from the special expertise of our partners for many years.


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