Process Design and Value-based Practices

We will support you with systematic process analysis and modular process design, so that you can equally take into account the needs that quality managers, project managers and developers have in respect of everyday process modules. With HOOD Value-based Practices, we will develop an essential process model, creating a bridge between the procedurally specified macro-processes and the often poorly structured micro-processes. This involves us creating scaleable and reusable process architecture, based on a kernel. This then allows you to develop your process library on a step-by-step basis. All those involved will quickly learn how easily value-based practices can be created, so that daily work can be more efficiently organised.

HOOD Value-based Practices is a methodical approach for investigating, consolidating, harmonising, describing and automating complex business processes.

Using the services of HOOD provides you with highly effective support in implementing a practice-orientated, agile approach in your system and software development.


For whom is this service beneficial?

  • Organisations wishing to implement a modular and agile software development process.
  • Organisations wishing to reuse standard practices in different development projects.
  • Organisations wishing to make their software development process scalable and adaptable to specific projects.