The challenges in system and software development are no longer restricted to actual engineering. One of the significant success factors for a company is whether it can launch the right products at the right time and whether these products meet the requirements of the customers. Through its consultants, HOOD has extensive knowledge of requirements engineering, and related fields in systems engineering, which will help you to elicit and understand your customers' requirements and to incorporate them into your products. HOOD's consultants are available to help you develop the right products.

HOOD offers you both product-independent and product-specific consulting. In addition to their detailed knowledge of various tools, all HOOD consultants also have many years of practical experience in different engineering disciplines, methodologies and techniques within a range of industries. HOOD's consultants also have extensive knowledge in development processes, as well as in defining and establishing processes.

In their role as external consultants, in addition to being excellent team players, other soft skills include identifying with your business and its customers, as well as the ability to continually adapt to changing project situations and meet customer needs.

HOOD can support you in a range of activities where you may not have sufficient or appropriate internal human resources. This includes process assessments and benchmarking, software-tool evaluations and selection processes, assessments regarding the use of software tools and process improvement in organisations.


Product Categories for Consulting